Differences are infinite, but not all differences are perceived equal.

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We build bridges between different communities from the diversity spectrum (from surface-level diversity to deep-level diversity) to learn from each other and to support each other with the objective to all make a step forward together. Differences are infinite, but not all differences are perceived equal. By connecting Moving Stories from all kinds of communities, we can lift each other up and get to know the struggles and solutions others are implementing.

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Through our programs we build bridges between organisations, companies and (educational) institutions and exceptional, open and real individuals to create more inclusive leaders & workplaces. We work alongside our Moving Stories to develop new angles, trainings and programs to create awareness and action. Get to know some of them and ask us about the opportunities to collaborate with you and bring you valuable solutions and perspectives about topics that matter.

We are a big community of Moving Stories, get to know some of us here below

"I dedicate myself to telling my Moving Story to prevent anyone from feeling the way I felt. Speaking out saved my life, and I believe it still saves my life today."


Depression and autism

"I am not that disease, that is just part of me, I am Iris. I have always wanted to pursue my dreams and ambitions. Why? Because I think you should not look at limitations, but at possibilities."


Multiple sclerosis

"Actually, my Moving Story is not about my background as a transgender, but about what I've been able to learn from it. That is why I would like everyone to never forget the following: "The only normal thing in this world is that we are all different."



“I lost the most important person and had to deal with feelings I never felt before. My life turned upside down and I had no clue how to deal with death and grief.”


Loss & grief

“No one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark”



"I hope I can help you see disability with different eyes & from a different perspective; a more optimistic one."


Williams syndrome

“It was asking for help & embracing what I formerly considered my weak spots that made me rise up and see how stigma & discrimination works.”


Queer with anxiety

"When people see me for the first time, they don’t see anything different about me, as it is not visible that I am diagnosed with autism. After telling people, they usually don’t believe it."


Woman with autism

"Where bruises are visible, psychological violence cannot be seen on the outside. You don't see it, but it is there."


Domestic violence

"When you first meet me, my baldness is probably the first thing you notice. If you think I'm sick, you might see me as weak, vulnerable. That is not the case."


Bald lady